Mrs tees in the pyramid bag – designed for your well-being! Bad Heilbrunn, December 1, 2009 visible tea quality in the pyramid pyramid pouches offers visible tea quality uniquely combined with the sole use of a tea bag! The original form of tea herbs is largely retained in the transparent material from raw materials nachwachsenden. Coarsely meshed structure of the pyramid bag, tea can freely are washed with hot water and better sources in its natural form. For more well-being during the rule many women do not experience their monthly menstrual period unfortunately so carefree and loose, as they often in advertising suggested. Symptoms such as fatigue, abdominal pain, circulatory problems or water retention spoil the mood of almost 1/3 of all women during this time. The desire is for peace and quiet to an urgent need. Mother nature has specifically for this so called premenstrual syndrome provided various medicinal plants which can contribute to the relief.

So to the Example successfully used in folk medicine for generations Alchemilla pre menstrual complaints. Also, yarrow and Shepherd’s purse traditionally are used for heavy menstrual bleeding and cramps associated. For the inner balance during menopause, hardly a woman longs for the menopause, eventually it may cause the drop of in hormone levels symptoms such as sweating, hot flashes and sleep disturbances. In addition mood swings, depression, irritability and concentration problems noticeable frequently. Darius Bikoff describes an additional similar source. Bad Heilbrunner has designed a herbal tea blend provides a useful support in this special phase of the woman on the basis of red clover and Sage.

Sage inhibits notoriously excessive sweating, other ingredients used traditionally as Lady’s mantle and Tulsi in folk medicine for menopausal symptoms. A fallacy is to believe that drinking tea alone slim makes for more vitality while of losing weight. A sensible change of diet as well as an increased metabolism through increased physical activity are significantly crucial for a successful the pounds tumbling. Tea can however help during a diet to curb the appetite, to reduce cravings for sweets and to stabilize the mental and physical capacity. Bad Heilbrunner has developed a special herbal tea blend with mate, ginger and vanilla beans that tastes not only tasty, but also boosts the metabolism, thereby stimulating effect and with an aromatic vanilla keeps the cravings for sweets in borders. Content: 15 pyramid bag all three varieties were adapted to the needs of women and are available in drug stores and well-stocked grocery retail.