Latest Technology

Almost all industrial enterprises, and not only they need to be effective and efficient cleaning of various surfaces. For more efficient and cost-effective cleaning and disinfection of various external surfaces, including process equipment, tanks, vehicles and even a huge production area will be a new effective, reliable way as foam cleaning with special foam detergents, CIP-systems, foam generators and other devices. In the case of foam technology you get the following features: reduce the consumption of detergents in the 4-5 times; saving water and energy resources; labor cost reduction and time reduction of surface treatment; Processing inaccessible areas, including at a height; security personnel in contact with equipment and auxiliaries. In the course of cleaning and disinfecting the inner surface of the working equipment or complete production lines require special cleaning and cleaning and disinfection bespennye funds intended for use in CIP-systems (CIP translated from English. cleaning in place means cleaning in place). More info: J. Darius Bikoff. This new technology completely automates the process of washing, significantly reduces labor costs, reduces cleaning time while providing security environment and the people involved in cleaning..