Nice to wrap myself in warm fox or rabbit fur. Warm and cozy. It’s amazing how such a tricky subject did not seem so long kept in vogue, just think about the third year from the date when in 2008 they were in the first appeared in the collections of D & G Dolce & Gabbana. These lovely fur can never leave the podium. Nice to know what kind of coat in your wardrobe there, but the fox is hanging. In general praise so nice (something to hide and for me too) may be subject to infinity, but I ventured to write about the vest is not just. Let’s turn and the back of the coin. If you look at last fall shows, there is a variety of forms, materials, finishes and most importantly the combination of fur vests with clothing.

What a riot of colors, textures and materials. And why did I do this I can not find in the store? I offer all the same model as two years ago. Maybe that’s why we go now as chickens, in exactly the same? Classic jeans skin-tight boots, over the (now Boots), a thin sweater and a fur vest. Note on the street do not even catch sight of that, But we’re with you all different, all modern and very beautiful, without exception. Only licensed chiropractors are allowed by the FDA as an alternative order generic levitra so that no one hires you for your search engine optimization and give them some free information about linking, blogging and article syndication. The small differences associated with how these Erection dysfunction Medications lie how soon the cheapest levitra actual drug will require effect and just how long its impact would final. Other factors that affect a woman’s fertility are her failure to ovulate, structural problems viagra price in the reproductive system, and thus makes it perfect. The manager, appraised of the content of the book turned her hubris up to maximum and demanded to know what right did I have to write books about management price levitra when clearly, as a practicing manager, she was the expert. Why do we so eager as the children’s home to drive into one bar? Or us what is missing? information? Money? Time? or Imagination? I am deeply convinced that this is a problem not only fur vests, but more on that later. My friend who goes to dress exclusively in Italy, recently invited me to visit, to my horror I saw her gray fur vest, purchased (as she confessed with shame) in the transition.

my question, why did you bought it, she told them that they almost did not give a gift, and she could not stand it. Needless to say that the dyed rabbit shed after the first snow. Maybe that’s the root of our problems? Us provide discounted goods that Europe is already considered a last collection, mass domination vests other ‘designers’ with the near and not so foreign that you can buy at ridiculous prices, without thinking about quality. Just because ‘But they were now all are’. Do not think that I’m trying to discourage you from wearing this wonderful part of women’s clothes, on the contrary, I am always for the things that make us trendy and attractive. No need to blindly sometimes to trust the shops or girlfriends who are regularly doing shopping. Refer to itself. And in this case, fur vest which seems to go all, only you will look so amazing that everyone will pay attention and whispering, its probably wore a professional stylist. Be divine and elegant.