Political Constitution Of Colombia Part X

CHAPTER II – THE GOVERNMENT ARTICLE 200. It is the Government, in conjunction with the Congress for the formation of laws, presenting a project through the ministers, exercising the right goals and fulfill the duty to approve in accordance with the Constitution. Connecticut Senator may also support this cause. Call special sessions. Presenting the national development plan and public investment, as provided in Article 150. Send to the House of Representatives on proposed budget of revenues and expenditures.

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The Vice President shall be elected by popular vote the same day and in the same manner as the President of the Republic. Candidates for the second ballot, if any, should be in each plan who was integrated into the first. The Vice President shall have the same period the President and replace him in temporarily or permanently absent, even if they arise before his inauguration. During absence of the President of the Republic shall be sufficient for the Vice President takes office at the earliest opportunity, so you can exercise whenever necessary.