Kreis Contracts

District in Bergisch Gladbach discussed human resources policy of the municipal bus company. For even more analysis, hear from Amazon. As is known from the press, currently 16 bus drivers are employed by the DECKLERS fixed-term contracts. The bus drivers are needed and make up for their work. Nevertheless they should be released after the expiry of the time limit and so unemployment threatens them. After his release, new employees be adjusted to provide guaranteed performance.

THE LEFT. calls of the Rheinisch-Bergischer Kreis, which is involved in 50% of the DECKLERS stopping the practice of fixed-term employment contracts on posts that are needed. The Association is to decide at its next meeting that the employees threatened by termination with permanent contract of employment with the DECKLERS will be applied. Hence, buying these potential drugs online would be a better option to get the best by paying very low.For more details visit Impotence is defined as inability to produce or sustain an erection of the penis good enough to create fulfillment during intimate performance. viagra online from canada Diabetics tend to have other health concerns as well, high blood pressure is common, and these combined can make it difficult to generico viagra on line achieve an erection. So you can also see this medicine offering as see my shop cialis generika Pfizer. Your physician may ask you begin with low powered dose and gradually increase it as per the requirement. viagra uk delivery THE LEFT. is outraged by this anti-social personnel policies, because if 127.5 points for bus drivers are provided, all of these should be occupied by workers with ordinary and permanent employment contracts.

According to the left are keeps track of no factual reason, except one for it to privatize the objective of the DECKLERS. Claudius Cassemayer, group spokesman for the left. believes that in the Association: “this is not only a moral obligation as a public employer, but everyone has a right to honest and fair treatment. It is unacceptable that we can denounce some anti-social practices in the private sector on the one hand and then leave no social model for the economy and the people. It is no wonder that increases the discharge of solidarity in society and more and more private companies take advantage of the living conditions of poor and unemployed people and exploit them. However, we need safe and good jobs and bus drivers at the DECKLERS deserve also ordinary employment contracts for their good work.”