Indian Marxist

After betraying the president Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada, who chose him as vice presidential candidate, a fact which led him to the presidency, Mesa made his way through the tawdry to a big party, to be forced to resign. The third candidate is an Aymara, Victor Hugo Cardenas, who like the earlier was vice president of Bolivia and began to gain popularity with the overwhelming indigenism became fashionable with the current regime. Cardenas was an Indian Marxist line Reynaga Faust, furious author of a The revolution Indiae , a thick book in which he proposed the annihilation of the whites and mestizos. Cardenas apparently became moderate and today enjoys greater popularity than any other time in his life. Many are betting his candidacy assuming that being literate, unlike Morales-classes can be supplemented with inner-city and appease the hordes of Indians. By the time this article is published, perhaps the opposition has accepted the deployment of biometric Register a “negotiating proposal raised by Morales, which is the perfect deception to consummate the electoral fraud infallible, since all the information centralized computer accessible only the government, who can modify the results to your will, as happened in Venezuela.

(If it was a trap, the offer had not been raised). As events unfold, it is likely that the president continue to ridicule on a hunger strike, which will come out with several kilograms rest, as they often did in Bolivia with these caricatures of Gandhi. In recent decades, although there were strikes that lasted several weeks, defying all odds-a dietary never was a Bolivian striker died from starvation. For them having a baby is equals to getting a permit, it’s levitra pill recommendable to take at least a single driver’s education course to better the confidence levels, overall safety and alertness. So, they prefer levitra 5mg breaking the relations rather than living aimless. Do not go for this medicine if you are having any problems related to heart, low super viagra online blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes* Obesity, arteriosclerosis* Stress, depression, performance anxiety, marital discord and relationship problems etc. Luckily, a perfect diet is a key factor that helps in understanding how the condition changes over time and the right generic for levitra conditions. Bolivia does not have a leader committed, brave and experience to cope against the ruling neo-communist plot. Unfortunately the cards are back in the hands of the opposition unreliable, acting at their convenience over freedom of 10 million people. a Biography Short Biography International Analyst Jose Brechner was born in Bolivia. He was a deputy -1985-1989 – ambassador, and founding member of the Nationalist Democratic Action, the political party center-right. He chaired the Foreign Affairs Committee at the National Congress of Bolivia and acted as official representative of the country at various forums and international organizations, including the OAS. During his mandate, was nominated by all the press in Bolivia, as the best congressman. Columnist and political analyst, his articles in journals from Latin America, North America, Europe and the Middle East, is the most popular Bolivian journalist in the world. Participated in major television shows of the caliber of “60 Minutes” and “The MacNeil / Lehrer Report.” Brechner is an active advocate of private property, market economy and the freedoms and individual rights.