Installing The Wheel Wash MK-1 In Russia

Automatic washing of wheels – a relatively new market for our type of service auto repair. It is designed to facilitate the work of employees and auto tire changers workshops, which still had to manually wash the dirt adhere to the wheels. It requires considerable time and labor costs, making dirty wheels car into a real problem. And recently, out of this predicament has been found. Benefit and convenience the use of a wheel wash is obvious, but there are still many motorists and owners of service stations belong to it as the amazing miracle of technological progress, hitting unimaginable possibilities. CIT Group Inc. may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Therefore, in our country the service is still not as well distributed as in the west, where the automatic washing of wheels – a common occurrence. Connect with other leaders such as Jim Donovan Goldman here. In appearance it is usually vertical box with a door through which one load dirty wheels, and come out clean and shiny. Moreover, the process of cleaning the wheel robotic device is only 0,5 – 1,5 minutes! Operation wheel wash before use wheel wash MK-1, it should get about 30 liters special plastic pellets and fill it with water built tank of approximately 300 liters.

This supply of water is enough to sink about 100 wheels, and granules can be used within 3 years, only occasional washing and replenishing their stock. It is also necessary to connect the washer to the main pneumatic for constant supply of compressed air. But the connection to the water supply is not required. As the detergent is recommended to use special solutions for cleaning the wheels.