Labor Market

Labor market in early 2010 as stabilized heavy. Recovering personnel market is very slow. The crisis has halted the race, which prevented in recent years the company has started internal problems. So, get a breather, the company is actively engaged in shaping the organizational structure. In parallel to optimize business processes: the sights of changes came as the effectiveness of the company and individual departments, and sometimes even each employee.

As a result, the department has held a place of one, but a good specialist. Employees of the companies saw the reverse side of this optimization: they expanded the range of duties. Initially it was hoped that a temporary phenomenon. However, the days go by, but to recruit assistants and aides no hurry. If an employee handles – great – if not, then manual recounts that the labor market now mass of free competitors. Now, if the employer selects the employee, he knows exactly what kind of person he needed. Companies are requested not to send them to interview applicants who meet the application by 90% because they expect of one who meets their desires for all 160%.

The most difficult to account for young professionals, graduates. If they are, and take on the job, then the expected salary of 30000 rubles can not be considered. In the end, and all sorts of ratings confirm this, young people are showing great interest in working in government agencies. Toughen requirements to make the professional competencies to reflect the need to improve their skills. By using generic sale levitra without prescription can help men to perform and satisfy their lady. Confronting the viagra cost india person does by no means mean that you should verbally attack them for your misfortunes. I have come up with a set of buy viagra pills neurological exercises to rehabilitate the cerebellum. Sex life is an important part of married life. generic cialis no prescription However, almost all companies have frozen their program to recover costs for staff training – both for a top level managers, and employees average. In the end, pay for education have on their own. In particular, before the crisis, 80% of students short-term programs taught by Companies to Work For. Today 60% of managers pay for their own learning. Reductions today are a "point" character. Therefore, the experiences of abating. Though not the best way affects the psychological mindset of employees mergers and acquisitions. As a rule, as a result of internal change management team was deprived of posts – the middle and lower composition do not touch. However, in most cases, new leaders have their own view on the approaches to work and staff requirements. Therefore, the fears of employees about the impending change of ownership of the layoffs are often justified. As long as the prerequisites to ensure that personnel market quickly returns to the rates of growth in 2008, no. And judging by the experience out of previous crises, the industry is never the first to be selected from the pit. As Typically, the engine becomes the real sector, which is gradually pulling for him all. Most experts agree that the crisis here is like a Latin letter L. A sharp fall, which we have already experienced, came the phase of stability – the truth "at the bottom." However, already by the fact that the market is no longer a fever, later in 2010 to become more productive. Personnel Center, "UNITY" (495) 543-82-59 Darya Ilina