Learn To Love

Love is so important and yet we know so little about love. We believe that we love, that we love, when in reality we know little of true love. We exert a selfish love, believing that we love others and all we are doing is to satisfy requirements, shortcomings and limitations of our ego. There are two types of love, love for need and love by choice. The love for the majority of human beings need love by necessity. We love to fill our own emotional shortcomings. This love of need leads us to create our expectations of the people that we love since we need to be and behave in a certain way to fill those gaps that we have in our interior.

When those expectations are not matched we started judging those who love, since they are not meeting the objective, we are letting down or rather are letting down our ego, are not serving the purpose of calming our own fears, insecurities, frustrations and emotional shortcomings. Love by choosing the love by choice is the pure expression of love. viagra free sample Those with impotence fail to get a hard on or even though there may be few instances of erection, these die down quickly before attainment of penetration or climax. The leading ENT spebuy generic levitra ts provide the most modern voice/speech therapy in Kolkata by using computerised speech therapy system. The drug is simple and cialis low cost effective solution for male dysfunction problem. Fortunately, it is viagra order the easiest to diagnose and treat effectively. True love, unconditional love. We love because we decided to love, without expectations, without judgments. We love the person as it is, without trying to change it or shape it according to our emotional needs. A love that does not need reason to exist and is simply. A love that expects nothing in return, that has no limits.

A love that is born within our hearts and overflows into all those around us. And you, do love by choice or necessity? You mad when people you love not do what you expect from them? Reprochas that housewives as do you for them and what they do for you? And it is that we cannot distribute and share what we do not have. How can love others with an unconditional love if there is that love within ourselves? We have been taught that you are to love our parents, our children, our friends, but to love ourselves is vain and how we intend to love others if we are not able to accept ourselves and? love ourselves? The first step to love unconditionally another human being is love ourselves unconditionally.