New Customers

I have been in business in MLM or network marketing from approximately 10 to 11 years for those who do not know that it is an MLM business simply by giving the references of certain companies that have specialized in this type of business, you automatically know what mean Amway, Herbalife, Omnilife, Sunshine, Agel… . I started in a company that in my opinion not excelled as it should be due to lack of promotion. In fact they are productazos but good in this experience I realized that one of the parties more important (if not the most important) is the constant prospecting, i.e. obtaining new customers every day. The fact of facing new prospects as that you will be stopping and not allow your income to grow. And I think that this situation also happens to entire business at every level.

In many trainings they gave advice to new contacts to then start to work and generally get a sale or rather get more sales. But to put them into practice as that did not work, personally that first contact as you you stop, talk to people that you don’t know first premiums at least for my has been very difficult. But for many blessings I found a fascinating option which solved that problem and tell you how I did it. First: Have a website or a Blog. The blog works very well because you can constantly innovate him both in information design personally to my I like very much. You can paste him links, videos, texts, banners, interactive gadget uuuf lot lot.

in fact it is very dynamic. Second. To your website or Blog is extremely important but truly very important that you place a contact form this is a form with checkboxes with name, email, phone, comments. All the people that visit your site and feel interested with your business proposal will fill it and through the submit button, this information you will be sent to your email.