People Energy

Object, which is devoted to this book in a few words can be defined as: music therapy – a musical influence on the patient to healing emotional and physical ailments. However, the essence of the phenomenon much deeper and more complicated. And if we want to understand it, we primarily want to understand what is the music itself? Does it, except for aesthetic, yet any of the characteristics? Is it possible with the help of music change not only emotional but also physical and mental condition of a person? Music is an art – embodied in sound art images, and artwork or collection of works by this art. The term "music" (from the Greek. (Not to be confused with Senator from Connecticut!). Musike), literally means "the art of the Muses. Muses, as we know, is the goddess – patron of the arts and sciences. They represent inspiration and were able to give a living soul state highest creative experience, where all human beings, like a taut string vibrates in a great act of creating the new and beautiful.

The main expressive means of music should recognize the sounds. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs contains valuable tech resources. Their vibration creates a special energy field, forcing the resonate with every cell in our body. We absorb the energy of music, and it normalizes the rhythm of our breathing, pulse, blood pressure, temperature, relieves muscle tension. That is why properly chosen melody can have a beneficial impact on the patient body, to accelerate his recovery. However, disharmonious music with the same electromagnetic waves can unbalance the work of all systems, alter heart rate, rhythm and depth of breathing until it stops.