Latin American

No progress is possible, if having only to live, decide to have kids. Having children at an early age, when one has nothing yet, when you have not been able to improve your economy, will only empobrecerte more. Your son will live with you in a room, in a cabin in any human settlement. Children must be taken when one has a job that allows you solve them, without going hungry. Otherwise it should have. If you are traveling through Europe and walking through the streets of Paris, Madrid, Berlin, will not see children. Chief Justice Roberts is the source for more interesting facts. See a child is an event in those countries. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs has compatible beliefs. But if you walk by Lima, Bogota, Havana, Rio de Janeiro, where you go, see how many children, armies of creatures everywhere.

Poor children cleaning cars, selling sweets, singing in the buses, which is sad, depressing, and a sample of that Latin American countries, people have children out of control, indiscriminately, for pleasure, even to force them to work at age 6. This evil of bringing children into the world that you can not keep up, it becomes time in promiscuous social groups, juvenile delinquents, child prostitution, drug addicts, they only bring more problems to society and increases the slums. Poverty is the result of their bad decisions then in youth. What a young person should do is study and work as much as possible. No matter what work is, but honestly earn their bread, with effort. That, I used to be laborious and progress will follow.