Peter Shamrayev

The crisis in the economy – as breakdown of equipment at the plant, that is – is a normal working time. At the plant there are small equipment failures, to remedy which the school has enough knowledge, there are major equipment failures, which require serious knowledge engineer as well and the economy. Crisis – it is a big “failure” in the economy, which must be eliminated by a fundamental knowledge of Doctor of Economic Sciences, which has the strategic thinking. How to distinguish a Ph.D. from the strategic thinking of the Doctor of Science from the tactical thinking? Strategic thinking is formed naturally – evolutionary selection in market relations. Prosperous owner of the business, having a degree, has a strategic thinking. Tactical thinking formed artificial – the selection of a career as a salaried employee, even if there is a degree. Economics – evolutionary science. The best ideas – survive and thrive, the worst ideas – die. Lack of fundamental knowledge always leads to a crisis, and it is also true for all areas of human life. In medicine, this “incurable” (in quotes) disease is a crisis in the economy, politics is war. Serenity, based on knowledge of the Law of Crisis, gives competitive advantage.

As a patient the doctor will never be able to teach health, so the lack of fundamental knowledge in the economy can not give a definite answer and leads to a crisis. If you want to have a fundamental knowledge, the right attitude to people and the right attitude towards money, made the opening in the field of medicine and methodology in individual psychotherapy can quickly learn it. * Fundamental – thorough and deep. Kamagra contains Sildenafil citrate which is the parent ingredient in this medication that buying generic cialis removes the blockage in the passage of the blood flow towards the genital area. A man ordering viagra online with decreased sexual desire will be restore soon. For example, if it’s caused by reproductive system diseases like prostatitis online ordering viagra or epididymitis can take traditional Chinese medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. discount viagra Common symptoms in rheumatoid arthritis are not specific only to this disease, they are being found in other diseases. (Basic research) * Act – links and interdependence which some phenomena of reality, appropriate and sustainable relationship between phenomena. (The laws of social development. Laws Nature. Energy conservation law. The law of large numbers.) *, A contradiction – a situation in which one (utterance, thought, act) excludes the other is not compatible with it. (Fall into a contradiction. Contradiction in the views.) * Crisis – predicament, plight, caused by contradictions in the development of society. (Economic crisis. The financial crisis. The crisis of overproduction.) * Unequivocal – having only one meaning. * Slow – taking place at low speed, slowly ongoing. Author innovations in health care psychologist-psychotherapist Peter Shamrayev. Web-site: All rights reserved. Reproduction of any materials and links to them only with the permission author.