Eisenhower presaged been fulfilled. In his last speech as president of the United States, the great strategist of the Allied victory over the Third Reich, warned about the growing influence he had acquired “the military-industrial complex.” He was referring to the network of factories and arms lobby that was woven between WWII and the Korean conflict. Before handing the presidency to Kennedy, Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower, the general who led the landings at Sicily and Normandy, and designed the military structure of NATO, denouncing the growing weight of the military-industrial complex and called on Washington to preserve making that gloomy influence on democracy and the republic. It was never clear who pulled the finger when he pulled the trigger Oswald in Dallas, but immediately followed it became clear that pressure pushed Johnson to plunge into Vietnam with the very credible argument Maddox gunship attack boat in the bay of Tomkin . In any case, what is there is no doubt that if General Eisenhower were alive, would have seen in the Bush administration fully fulfilling his prediction. Continue Reading … A Barack Obama touches that conjure the shade of the spectrum end of gravitation that Vice President Dick Cheney became guide government action. Hamed Wardak Their world view is different.It’s the unilateralism that began unfolding with the Kyoto Protocol and ended up buried in the sands of the Persian Gulf relationships with many former allies. Nor are we arrogant pressure or cutting off all dialogue with governments that are critical of the United States. All this led to the most curious of the international isolation: the more interconnected the world’s superpower. Obama’s challenge is to move from dialogue and pressure of the attack on the negotiation, but knows that the elected president does not mean dialogue and negotiation to identify and match. He also knows that terrorism will try ultraislamista attack greeted with a magnitude comparable to 11-S.The fiercest expression of anti-Americanism would have preferred an election result that allows to talk about racism in the United States, but in a world plagued by ethnic and racial supremacists tearing countries and sparking civil wars in the Western power has defeated the American dream prejudice. When Alexander arrived Gordium and the Temple of Zeus faced the famous knot that no one could ever unleash resorted to a blow of his sword attempting what so many others had tried without success. Barack Obama faces at least three Gordian knots and knows he can not ignore them but immediately untie them without resorting to force, as did the ancient king of Macedonia. After all, the action of force is what Bush tried, without much success. The first crossroad is way out of lraq in the shortest time possible, without leaving a black hole or fill the Sunni radical pro-Iranian Shiites.Since neither the army of the Shiite premier Nuri al-Maliki and the Sahwa, Sunni militias financed by Washington, are now capable of controlling regarantizar Yankee after departure. For the new U.S. administration, withdrawal without it being a defeat is doubly urgent.

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