Professional work

Nik published his first drawing at age 14 in the journal Patoruz Gold, thanks to Eduardo Ferro. He began working professionally as a cartoonist at age 17 in the magazine very interesting Garc a Ferr . Then developed in Kapelusz orial, the newspaper The Chronicle and other media. At 21 he entered the newspaper La Nacion and since then working as a cartoonist current into several sections: the political joke of the body of the paper, the speaker, and the photo page of the Sunday magazine. His paintings are considered true political humor orial today in Argentina. Since 1994 collaborates with the weekly Noticias. It is not the viagra prescriptions recent technique, rather an old one that allows the male to attain sexual satisfaction without worrying about give rise to any hardships. The best prescription viagra of all treatment methods are extremely becoming taken simply by north western dieticians as being a treatment solution. Brand cheap viagra in india name and not just the drug itself have a cost. Hence it is the medication that enhances blood tadalafil prices cheap flow and works very well for individuals with circulatory problems. In 1997 Gaturro comic strip takes shape as the last page of La Nacion. Since then Gaturro has published over 30 books, has reached the Colosseum theater with the play “The Awakening of Music” has been translated into five languages and published throughout Latin America, U.S., Spain and France.Her books and products are already a classic among fans of all ages who have turned the character into a publishing boom of popularity. It is currently in the middle of filming the movie, premiering in 2010 Gaturro. Nik is also working with his character Gaturro, with the various foundations and NGOs for children’s health, children’s rights and the promotion of reading. These include the Read Foundation, Foundation COAS, Fundaleu, Fundaci n La Naci n, Don Orione, Unicef and Save the Children.