Professional Procedure Code

But no, when it went from idle chatter to a real compensation for property damage, public machine once again began to put obstacles Following the instructions Ch. 18 "Rehabilitation" of the Professional Procedure Code, victims have filed suits for damages caused by unlawful harassment from government, but it turned out that, according to the Kirov Themis, do not write codes for judges, "the internal belief" is more important. All professional court unanimously refused, stating that the case should be resolved within civil proceedings. Following the instructions of the judges, Stanislav A. and Alexander appealed to the civil court, and in return have been rejected in making the claim. Judge Minaev ev (Again, apparently forgetting about the law and applying to his "beliefs") considered that such matters should be resolved within the framework of a court order, simply refused, thus the right to rehabilitation and Chervyakov Mokerovu. By the way, "orders" of such in our country Only 4: civil, criminal, arbitration and constitutional That meant a judge Minaev, to this day remains a mystery. When endometrium grows in pelvic cavity, it brings tissue adhesion and lump which both make the modification of your surroundings. cialis 5mg cheap viagra canada mastercard The medicine, quickly dissolve into the blood and impure blood would play havoc in the body. In any case, is as viable as like its image get levitra proportionate. Some of the common effects include: ? cialis cheap online Blocked or a runny nose, facial flushing, sickness, stomach surprise, and unsteadiness.

At present, it is a judge filed a complaint to the Kirov regional court. Consideration scheduled for December 3, however no assurance that the regional court has "suddenly" decides to stand up for victims there. It is worth noting that none of those who prepared the "evidence", published materials in the media and, in fact, spent "Investigation" and tried to send to jail the victims had not been punished. One gets the impression that the state, since the scoop, and have not learned to recognize his mistakes and take responsibility for them. Is the only way to protect for citizens is to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights? Do Kirov judges believe that an attempt to cover up the mistakes of the "colleagues" from the neighboring departments, it is worth the risk of "glorifying" the city in the European Court? Do they really believe that no one will dare to go beyond their regional clan "masters of the law and destiny? After all, it is absolutely clear that the claim will be sent to the European Court and the decision will be based on law rather than clan solidarity. The answer to these Questions we seem to get is 3 December 2009.