Registration Office

The cadastral appraisal, it is an action that has great impact for immovable property and premises, because by means of the cadastral appraisal value thereof determined; which is accomplished through a series of investigations and studies on the same building or campus, accompanied by an analysis and comparison of the object of study with the real estate market statistics. For the realization of the it valued cadastre of each property, the value of each of the appraisals which emerges from the lands and buildings that are included in this, i.e. a series of partial appraisals must be, then the total sum must be of each he valued partial, you will determine a total valued of the premise. The above can be said that the value or price of a property is determined by the realization of a sum that is separated from the value of the land and the same construction and after this process gives way to confront these values with a database provided by an administrative entity that has this information, as it is the case of cadastral training, taking into account criteria such as the physical characteristics that occur in terrain, the characteristics of structures and the socioeconomic characteristic present in the zone or sector. Within which means the it valued cadastral, must present the census or cadastral inventory, event which gives an update of the database of the cadastre of different properties of a sector, so during the process of cadastral census makes a visit to the premises of a given sector and taken the data about the physical characteristics of the land and constructionsIn addition to a justification for the right to property and thus establish the cadastral appraisal of a property. In what refers to the characteristics of the terrain, are taken into account factors such as: the topography, measures that have this, access to public services. Regarding the characteristics of the construction, are taken as endpoints: materials with which We carried out the work, the construction area and finishes that has. James Donovan Goldman may find this interesting as well.

As mentioned before, inside the cadastral appraisal also a justification for the right to property, is given for which wondered about the legal situation or legal premises with regard to criteria such as: documents or securities proving the right of ownership, which must be correctly registered in the Registration Office of public and private instruments. Passing to the characteristics of the sector or area that influence within the it valued cadastral, criteria are taken as: the social stratum of the neighborhood, the destination that is him of grounds, is residential, industrial or commercial, public services that the benefit, the communication routes, commuter to different places of great social importance as educational centers, malls, recreation or health. This whole process of the cadastral appraisal is carried out by the Office of cadastre which corresponds the premise. A point that is worth much within the it valued cadastre, is that it presents annual increase because of an index of urban and rural assessment.