PCB Components

The article is about the latest technology and wave soldering. Wave solder optimizer is a device optimizes all aspects of the wave soldering. SWPC.CO.IL is a master site, all aspects of wave soldering optimization. Wave soldier be is a process, soldering of electronic components on the printed circuit board (PCB) on a large scale. This process uses an absolute mounting of a wide variety of electronic components in a clear manner, so that the desired operation. The process takes its name from the fact that the process uses a tank with molten solder wave soldering. In this process of electronic components the PCB are carried out inserted into the PCB in its right place and give them a wave of soldering metal. The molten solder iterates through the uncovered metallic area and creates a consistent electrical connection between the components.

The areas in which the connections are not going to make that are with the solder masks. The process of wave soldering is much faster than the process of manual soldering, the result is a quality product in less time than in comparison with the manual soldering. Wave soldering process can be for both hollowed out PCB mounting or PCB. But in the case of PCB mounted electronic components are located on the printed circuit board by using glue, before they are released by the wave of solder joints. Now boards with hole components were mainly by externally mounted components, wave solder was replaced by reflow soldering method in many of the large electronic application. While there are many types of wave soldering machines available now a day, but the basic operation of the machines are equal. A typical wave solder machine consists of three main areas; initially the fluxing zone, preheating second zone and the soldering zone. Although some of the machines have an additional fourth zone of cleaning thoroughly, but this depends on the type of flux used.