Sochi Baths

Little running, half-forgotten, neekskursionny, but themes and beautiful: the lack of civilization to another park just adds to the beauty. And the park – eucalyptus, and even if you nose finds itself in a vial of eucalyptus oil, it is only distantly remind Adler scented richness. Nasmorochny my nose starts to breathe normally after ten minutes of stay at this location. Near the sea, and the tour can be combined with a dip. And in August, the year begins watermelons to eat them the grove – a special treat. In Matsesta valley (around the river Matsesta) allowed free of charge.

In the river water a lot of hydrogen sulfide, and a number of baths is where you can take baths in whole or in parts: to bathe the patient's hand or leg. Sometimes Matsesta baths are included in the price of sanatorium vouchers, sometimes not, and it should negotiate directly. In the Valley – deciduous forest, where the mushrooms after the rain get out. There you can picnic, good wooden benches, and even makeshift tables in the woods, too, can be found. The road, covered with wood from the heat, has to give Stalin, where right on the terrace, recently opened a cafe. For children in the valley special joy – Glade gnomes.

They accepted photographed, but to climb on them much more interesting. There is very convenient for climbing instances. And the government is resting in a place called Bocharov Stream. There are not allowed. Promenade lives of people and animals Quay – the most noisy and crowded place Sochi, I'm for it, and I love it.