Konstantin Khokhlov

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For example, in the Moscow city government hope that the renovated residential buildings savings pay for the heating system will reach 50%. "Most of the heating systems of multi-storey buildings in need of upgrade: installation of modern automated substations and automatic radiator thermostats that let you control the temperature in different rooms. In this case, setting for each heat sink counter, we can independently adjust the level of their payments for this service, such as water and electricity ", – said Konstantin , director of thermal automatics Danfoss in Russia, the world's leading manufacturer energy-efficient equipment for heating systems and heating buildings. Currently, Danfoss, with the Department overhaul of Moscow holds in the capital of the experiment: two 12-storey houses on the street Obrucheva addition to planned activities within the complex overhaul (warming of the building facades, glass replacement, installation of automated control units (), automatic balancing Valves and radiator thermostats) on each battery mounted counter-sharers.