Tips Traffic Police

Reasons why the hijacked cars, not so much. Somebody just wanted to ride with the breeze on another "Iron Horse", felt the blood rush of adrenaline, and someone – it is in most cases – you need someone else's machine "Business" (stripped for parts or whole and sound, it can be sold). See Steve Rattner for more details and insights. Because the automotive business is one of the most profitable, therefore, hoped that the number of stolen vehicles will be to decline – not worth it. Hijackers, as we see from the statistics, attracted not only expensive foreign cars, but also ordinary . But the circumstances that contribute to "prosperity" of these crimes, very much. Incidentally, it is necessary note: many owners install the whole security of the complex in their cars, but not always use them.

If your security devices lead to an active state takes time and causes some inconvenience, we sooner or later you're too lazy or forget to do that, basically, is happening. Why are there devices! Dropped in for a minute back, or go to the store briefly, some drivers even the doors are not closed. And all this – A chance for the criminal! Even leaving the car at night in the garage, too, can not always be sure that there will be safe from thieves. Council car owners – to strengthen stronger "home" for your cars and motorcycles to avoid coming uninvited guests. Keep your vehicle autonomous or centralized burglar alarm. Want to draw attention to one more circumstance. Need to be vigilant not only in setting the machine in his garage, but in those cases when you rent a garage to rent.