XivXvi Century

After zahireniya architecture at the end of 1330-x-1340's, it was revived after a half-century or even later. At the end of XIII-XIV century. constructed, for example, white-stone church Gorodishchenskoye near Kolomna, Moscow, under Ivan Kalita – Cathedrals Assumption, Archangel, of the Savior on Bor, a church-tower of St. John Climacus. As a rule, small in […]

Alumni Literary Institute

Question and doubt in the answer, even ironic disbelief in that a short-phrase, which the writer and journalist Alexander Olshansky made headlines of his memoirs, with the subtitle "Memories and Reflections on the twentieth century." The origins of meaning of the phrase in the statement of Krasnoyarsk scientists that we are all in the 14th […]

The Russian

In 1858, the magazine came in NA Dob, and the position of the revolutionary democrats increased significantly. Changing domestic and foreign policy magazine – he is seriously going left. The popularity of "Contemporary" in the 60s of the XIX century was enormous, circulation reached 6,000-7,000 copies. It was one of the best magazines century, it […]