Enraizamento State

In the use of its attributions and the fulfilment of its papelinterinstitucional, the CIEA/AP launched in 2007 the proposal of accomplishment of a EncontroEstadual de Ambient Educao that would have the objective to format the PolticEstadual de Ambient Educao of the Amap. In this way, the quarrels had lead arealizao of the event in the […]

Rio De Janeiro

That is, the precaution demands that they are adopted measured ambient that, at a first moment, hinders the beginning of an activity potentially harmful to the environment, also acting when the ambient damage already is materialize, so that the harmful effect are minimized or ceased. In such a way, from the consecration of the beginning […]

Integra Export

It considers in addition, that exigencies of the customs in the world, the client and the market they are the three sources of intelligence that are used to determine the quality of export business; it is for that reason that in the export must anticipate the steps and other requirements so that the products can […]


In the Government held a meeting to improve the ecological situation in Russia. The number of victims of the earthquake and tsunami disaster continues to grow, and the situation at the plant 'Fukushima' continues to be critical. Environmentalists and energy is supplied results of the action 'Earth Hour 2011'. Continuing liquidation of the consequences of […]

The Long-awaited 2009 Copenhagen Summit

"When money speaks, truth keeps silent." The world is divided into the different countries that form it are aware of what can happen in the Copenhagen summit where there will be to negotiate a new protocol in 2012 to replace the Kyoto. may be the last chance to avert climate change that will definitely slip […]