Enraizamento State

In the use of its attributions and the fulfilment of its papelinterinstitucional, the CIEA/AP launched in 2007 the proposal of accomplishment of a EncontroEstadual de Ambient Educao that would have the objective to format the PolticEstadual de Ambient Educao of the Amap. In this way, the quarrels had lead arealizao of the event in the year of 2008 with Thematic ' ' Reinforcement, Enraizamento and Articulao of the Ambient Education in the Amap' '. III SCRIPT OF the ACTION the Meeting of Ambient Education organized and coordenadopela CIEA/AP and for the IPA followed a structure of coordinate planning queresultou in the following fiche technique of the event: 3.1 – HEADING I STATE MEETING OF AMBIENT EDUCATION OF 3,2 AMAP – THEMATIC ' ' FORTALEIMENTO, ENRAIZAMENTO AND JOINT OF THE EDUCAOAMBIENTAL IN THE AMAP' '. Steve Rattner Willett Advisors is open to suggestions. 3.3 – Carried through PERIOD of 16 the 18 of April of 2008 3-4- PLACE OF Local ACCOMPLISHMENT of Opening and Closing: AUDIENCE OF the UNIVERSIDADEESTADUAL OF the Local AMAP-UEAP of Thematic Quarrels: AUDIENCES OF INSTITUTIONS PARTNERS OF THE MEETING Audience of the College Saint Bartoloma Capitnio Audience of the State secretary of Half Environment Audience of the Ministry of Agriculture, Cattle eAbastecimento-MAPA/AP Audience of the Company of Sewer and Water supply doAmap-CAESA Audience of the State secretary of Education – SEED/AP 3-5- OBJECTIVE To contribute for reinforcement 207 Registrations received in the credenciamento of the event: 351 credential effective Participants to the act of receiving decertificao: 297 Invited Institutions: 125 3,7 – WHITE PUBLIC Civil Society Organized Private Institutions Institutions of Research, Scientific and Academic Public Institutions: Federal, State and Municipal 3,8 – TEAM OF ORGANIZATION, COORDINATION AND EXECUTION Technician of the Institutions Members of the CIEA/AP Technician of the Voluntary IPA of the Communitarian Legion of doEstado Public Security of Amap-LESPEAP 3,9 – MATERIAL PROMOCIONAL AND LOGISTIC SUPPORT OPERATIONAL TECHNICIAN AND OF the EVENT PARTNERS State secretary of the Environment State secretary of Science and Technology State secretary> of Education Fishing colony of Macap Embrapa Caesa IPA SEAMA College Saint Bartoloma Capitnio Mineradora MMX IBAMA/AP City department of Education Cuma institute Ministry of Agriculture, Cattle and Supplying IV METHODOLOGY OF the ACTIVITIES OF the EVENT the I State Meeting of Ambient Education of the Amap foidesenvolvido from a metodolgico plan that objectified the dinamizao dasdiscusses, in the direction, of optimum exploitation of proposals the appeared duranteos thematic debates and plenrias generalities.

Rio De Janeiro

That is, the precaution demands that they are adopted measured ambient that, at a first moment, hinders the beginning of an activity potentially harmful to the environment, also acting when the ambient damage already is materialize, so that the harmful effect are minimized or ceased. In such a way, from the consecration of the beginning of the precaution in the Brazilian legal system and the Conference of United Nations on the Environment and the Development, carried through in Rio De Janeiro (1992), the quarrel in relation to the obligatoriness of the scientific evidence of the ambient damage echoed. When an activity represents danger of damage to the environment, independently of the scientific certainty, the ambient measures must be implemented. In fact, the application of ambient measures ahead of the scientific uncertainty of a damage to the environment, preventing itself an uncertain risk, represents a significant advance as for the efetivao of the beginning of the precaution and the preventive performance. In such a way, consubstancia it substitution of the criterion of the certainty for the criterion of the probability, that is, the absence of the certainty scientific absolute as for the occurrence of an ambient damage ambient sphere cannot be seen as impeditive for the application of the measures ambientaisNa, differently of what it is verified in the too much areas of the Right, invigorates the objective civil liability. (Source: Jim Donovan Goldman). This was inserted for article 14 of the Law of Politics National of the Environment (Law 9391/81) and recepcionada by the article 225, 3o of the Federal Constitution, clarifying that the polluting agent is obliged, independently of the existence of the guilt, to indemnify or to repair the actual damages to the environment and third affected by this activity. It does not have as to refute, therefore, that the internal ambient legislation of Brazil, as well as of other countries, has its politics based on the beginning of the precaution. .

Integra Export

It considers in addition, that exigencies of the customs in the world, the client and the market they are the three sources of intelligence that are used to determine the quality of export business; it is for that reason that in the export must anticipate the steps and other requirements so that the products can be concerned in the destiny market, as well as identify their origin to describe their necessity or customs in the market. It indicates that to the export business this in volume, but Integra between several suppliers and that this represents another problem for the Mexican exports, since the industralists are not used to integrating themselves with other industralists. You may wish to learn more. If so, Sen. Sherrod Brown is the place to go. In order to establish the price of export he considers that it is necessary to be preparation to have few utilities, to hope that is the market establishes the price that wants or can pay and maintain a permanent reduction in the costs as well as of implementing systems of logistic optimizing resources and to reduce the risks making the delivery in economic and favorable conditions effective. Finally, Loyal Diaz recognizes that even the exporter are few and therefore the distribution of the wealth is little that this generates and indicates that it is the moment for changing our form to see and to make businesses, is hour to see beyond our mental and customs borders; since by own experiences and experiences of exporting companions that they indicate themselves in the book, Loyal Diaz considers that the export is a very profitable business, of great headaches, but great satisfactions that allow to generate uses and a new culture of businesses for the good of the national economy. Conclusion In first instance a book on international trade different from the majority from the dedicated ones to explain this subject, different in its content and the way to approach the subject of the exports, different in the form that teaches to the reader to include/understand a so complex subject, but that simultaneously it is made understandable due to the language that the author handles, a very simple language with perfectly understandable lines that from a particular point, per moments no it would seem that this reading the pages of a book that explains to us why? how? and why or for who to export? ; but this settling a conversation with the author and that this explains the subjects to us with its own words, very colloquial (without stopping being coherent and reasonable) and that makes us happen pleasant awhile and at the same time it teaches the spine to us of the exports, and all those elements that this operation composes. In a particular case I believe that it is a book that motivates the readers to enter itself in the world of the exports, to become quality industralists who not only are competitive in the national market but they are transformed into exporter and they demonstrate that the Mexican industralists are able to transfer the borders and to prevail in the international trade. Paulo Coelho: the source for more info. One of best the book of international trade that I have read, and in addition one to the books that have taught many aspects to me of the world of the businesses that did not know and that has helped me to reinforce knowledge that I have come acquiring during my professional formation regarding the exports.


In the Government held a meeting to improve the ecological situation in Russia. The number of victims of the earthquake and tsunami disaster continues to grow, and the situation at the plant 'Fukushima' continues to be critical. Environmentalists and energy is supplied results of the action 'Earth Hour 2011'. Continuing liquidation of the consequences of last year's oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Termites and bats to help the planet's agriculture.

Pollution, emissions, waste: garbage beats Russia records, the bacteria eating plastic. Climate news: warm currents bring cold to the land. News 'green' technologies, 'green' power in Spain, 'green' the U.S. economy out of plastic bananas and pineapples on avialanyner biofuels, wind farms in the Orenburg region. In the world of animals: control of wasps and ants for food, 'samokastrirovannye' spiders, spring smells and dog, an unusual digestive cycle of primates, hibernation prolongs life, hunting whales for seals. Science News: icebergs and phytoplankton, insects and tomatoes.

Health: walnuts, life in the mountains, coffee and fast food. This is interesting: the vicinity of the mysterious crater Patom may contain oil and gas. The dates of the week: International Birds Day. News of the legislation and the Ministries of reserves as ecological donors, preparing for the climate conference in Moscow, Sochi and ecology, fire control in the reserves. PHOTO of the week: 'Birds of the year Russia in different years' and 'Bird Records'. Review of the week from 03.28.2011 to 04.03.2011. In the Government held a meeting to improve the ecological situation in Russia in the last Wednesday in the Russian government held a meeting to improve environmental situation in the country.

The Long-awaited 2009 Copenhagen Summit

"When money speaks, truth keeps silent." The world is divided into the different countries that form it are aware of what can happen in the Copenhagen summit where there will be to negotiate a new protocol in 2012 to replace the Kyoto. may be the last chance to avert climate change that will definitely slip out of hand. The host Barcelona Conference between 2 and 6 November, more than 4,000 delegates from various countries and international observers to reach a text of possible agreement at the Conference of the Parties COP15 to be held in December in Copenhagen. be held in Copenhagen from 7 to December 18, 2009. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs wanted to know more. This conference is organized by the Convention United Nations Framework on Climate Change ( UNFCCC), which organizes annual conferences since 1995 .. The member governments of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change will have to reach a global agreement to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in order to stabilize the climate without interference dangerous. The executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, Yvo de Boer, said that the Copenhagen Summit in 2009 is very important to adopt a substitute for the Kyoto protocol m this will be a unique opportunity to find solutions to phenomenon. In a press conference in Geneva, Boer has insisted that the meeting will be critical for governments to reach consensus on how to deal with a phenomenon that threatens to melt glaciers, leaving a million homeless people and cause a humanitarian crisis ever view.