In the Government held a meeting to improve the ecological situation in Russia. The number of victims of the earthquake and tsunami disaster continues to grow, and the situation at the plant 'Fukushima' continues to be critical. Environmentalists and energy is supplied results of the action 'Earth Hour 2011'. Continuing liquidation of the consequences of last year's oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Termites and bats to help the planet's agriculture.

Pollution, emissions, waste: garbage beats Russia records, the bacteria eating plastic. Climate news: warm currents bring cold to the land. News 'green' technologies, 'green' power in Spain, 'green' the U.S. economy out of plastic bananas and pineapples on avialanyner biofuels, wind farms in the Orenburg region. In the world of animals: control of wasps and ants for food, 'samokastrirovannye' spiders, spring smells and dog, an unusual digestive cycle of primates, hibernation prolongs life, hunting whales for seals. Science News: icebergs and phytoplankton, insects and tomatoes.

Health: walnuts, life in the mountains, coffee and fast food. This is interesting: the vicinity of the mysterious crater Patom may contain oil and gas. The dates of the week: International Birds Day. News of the legislation and the Ministries of reserves as ecological donors, preparing for the climate conference in Moscow, Sochi and ecology, fire control in the reserves. PHOTO of the week: 'Birds of the year Russia in different years' and 'Bird Records'. Review of the week from 03.28.2011 to 04.03.2011. In the Government held a meeting to improve the ecological situation in Russia in the last Wednesday in the Russian government held a meeting to improve environmental situation in the country.