Pipe Bending Machines

Bender – a machine designed for machining steel, copper, aluminum extrusions and tubes. Bender can bend the pipe just in size and avoid kinks and flattening, stretching and a deformation tube. Benders are divided into hand-held and stationary hydraulic and Electric Curtain. These machines are widely used in industry, farms, repair shops, etc. Particularly strong in its position construction industry took the electromechanical benders, their performance allows us to reduce your costs to a minimum and easy to deal with mass production. The main scope of such a device as a tube bender can be called a building serving organizations generating repair work. It is in these situations before the masters sometimes faced with the task handle (bent) tubes or metal profiles. Thanks to the use of such a device, you have a great opportunity to bend the pipe just as you need, while respecting all the necessary dimensions to millimeters, and a special advantage in that you do not will then fix a variety of wrinkles or flattening of the material.

Without bending at the moment is hard to imagine any process of repair or construction, because very often there is a need Quick pipe bending at the site of installation. And the presence of various equipment for machine tools allows you to expand opportunities for working with pipes of various diameters and cross sections. Bending can be divided into several groups and categories: on the principle of operation can be identified – stationary and hand, while on the mechanism of action, they are divided into mechanical and hydraulic.

Konstantin Khokhlov

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