Andrew Berterreche

Acting Minister of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries of Uruguay, Andrew Berterreche, said the Uruguayan newspaper a The Spectator : a The state is the guarantor of natural resources, although they may be in usufruct, are in essence property social, because the soil resources of the country is beyond that the land has an owner for catastroa . a It is likely that greater control by the Uruguayan government slow down a little soy boom Uruguay, or at least limit the profitability that can be obtained (and will be monitored closely planting methods used.) Nevertheless, it is expected that soy will continue to expand, while limiting the negative impact that may have growth in Uruguayan land. However, Uruguay seeks to tap not only what is happening with international prices of food in regard to soy. There is also growing strong in the meat sector. So far in 2008, according to Uruguayan newspaper publishes the Observer a The Montevideoa , exports grew by 58% meat.

In this case it is worth clarifying that the strong growth of exports of meat is largely due to the increase in the prices of the same (in the first five months of the year increased by 60%), while in terms to variation in quantities, they recorded to date an increase of 4%. While the increase in export quantities of meat can be low, the prospects opened up for sector, with increasing prices, have significantly increased their profitability, are more than promising. I tried the Uruguayan asado that attest the quality of their meat, so I have no doubts that have growth potential.