Canary Islands

So much prudence of those who rule countries in way of development and the opposite of developed countries, make us see how microbes before the might of an antibiotic; do not think that the microbes gradually become resistant to the bioticos.Think what the Spanish if used, ends up dividing the Basque province, the Canary Islands, […]

Roman Apostolic Catholicism

Just take a look at recent history to prove that the world headquarters of Roman Apostolic Catholicism is a hotbed of interest, intrigue, secrets, conspiracies and strange deaths, as well as battlefield of various secret societies, cults infiltrated and money-laundering. Not only is it interfering in Affairs of social type, but it tries to influence […]


Former footballer of Osasuna T-shirt Barcelona Jose Antonio Gomez Roumon, known as Pizo Gomez, on Thursday refused to testify before the judge investigating the records of employment regulation fraudulent, Mercedes Alaya, after an incident of his lawyer, Jose Maria Calero, with the judge.As explained to journalists the counsel, the judge asked former football player by […]