Roman Apostolic Catholicism

Just take a look at recent history to prove that the world headquarters of Roman Apostolic Catholicism is a hotbed of interest, intrigue, secrets, conspiracies and strange deaths, as well as battlefield of various secret societies, cults infiltrated and money-laundering. Not only is it interfering in Affairs of social type, but it tries to influence the politics of countries, whether they are democracies or dictatorships. The hierarchy of this great Kingdom of Enlil,(En la mitologia de Mesopotamia, Enlil es el dios deel cielo, deel viento y las tempestades) need to impose the same moral standards to modern societies than to the former, while in certain senior members of the Church, everything is worth for their purposes that are none other than the power and control over people. In Los Angeles and demons, the writer Dan Brown idea a plot in which the Illuminati infiltrate the Vatican to avenge the death of its members executed by the Inquisition. The infiltration of different societies in the Vatican is a fact. On one side are the Masons, the Illuminati and the Satanic and, on the other ultracatolicas sects as Opus Dei and the legionaries of Christ. With regard to Freemasonry, it is interesting to review the events surrounding the mysterious death of Juan Pablo I. To understand the forces that were at stake at the time of his death, there are back to the 19th century, when the Church loses its earthly power over the Papal States during the Italian national revolution. The result of this change is that, since 1870, the Popes became “prisoners of the Vatican”. Thanks to its role in the delivery of Italy Mussolini, Pope Pius Xl (1922-1939) received the equivalent to 148 million dollars, of the era and the temporary restoration of the papacy in the State of the Vatican City under the terms of the Treaty of the Lateran, in 1929.


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