The Presence of Insurance

And if at first it is zero, then the time of putting the building up and by the time of deposit of its tenants reaches its maximum. The problem of insurers – carefully keep track of this period, gradually increasing the sum insured. – What influences the price of an insurance policy? – When selecting the type of insurance, the insured must be adequately evaluate risks, possible in relation to the object of insurance. From This depends on the price policy. The price is determined each time individually depending on the value of insured property (the amount of insurance). For each program has its own coefficient, which is calculated from the amount insurance. Important in determining tariff rates will form the company and its location. If it's good offices in an elite center, the rate may be from 0,6% to 0,1%, and if the warehouse, then 0,11%. There are lower and multiplying factors of stakes. For example, the offices are located on the 2 nd floor of the building, and the 1-meter is a restaurant. In such a situation would apply the increased rate. Because the risk of fire in a place much higher. On the price policy is influenced by many factors – the general condition of the building and its age, the presence of alarm systems, sensors, fire, video surveillance, etc., the state of engineering systems, the presence or absence of service personnel data system, the presence of security in the building, etc. To the insurance company will also be important history took place here earlier cases of property damage in the amount above 100 000.