Cave Night

With this, tell the old, Francis was defeated badly and vallenato music built to a symbol of new life. With the flight of Satan finished in this region the gall, yellow fever, chiggers and the Indians shot arrows to travelers, as the ills that previously caused pain and fear. Then within the vallenato music, for each of those four evils came a piece of music, was born and puya, merengue, son and the ride. Haunted appeared once people realize that in times of new moon and full moon at night appeared a riderless horse, or overseer in the head adorned with silver, the rattle of his footsteps traveled streets, alleys and a glow illuminated his path and disappear before dawn. In the past there was no light for electrical interconnection, be heard and felt very dark at night to drag a dry skin, foul plagued by flies, through the streets of populations. Frightened drunk serenateros and unsuspecting passersby.

At night dreary, from the hill of the Virgin or Nacho, far away, more or less at the height of the San Pedro hill could see the lights and hear the sound of a car and when arriving at the curve that leads to the entrance of the village disappeared. Many shook with that inexplicable panic. The Cave of the Seven Knights Francisco Mejia said his father told him that coming from his farm The Tico, a place known today as El Chorro, tried to hide Jose Encarnacion Mejia, Mejia’s father Fred, a few individuals who were on horseback; these asked why he was hiding, he replied that he believed were government forces who were stationed in the town of El Molino.