Santa Catalina Public

The limits in the manner provided by this Constitution may be amended only under treaties approved by Congress, duly ratified by the President of the Republic. They are part of Colombia, in addition to the mainland, the archipelago of San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina, Malpelo Island and other islands, islets, cays, hills and banks that belong to him. Also part of Colombia, the subsoil, the territorial sea, contiguous zone, continental shelf, exclusive economic zone, airspace, the segment of the geostationary orbit, the electromagnetic spectrum and the space where acts in accordance with international law or the laws of Colombia in the absence of international standards. ARTICLE 102. The territory, with the public goods that are part of it, belong to the nation.

PART IV – DEMOCRATIC PARTICIPATION AND POLITICAL PARTIES CHAPTER I – FORMS OF DEMOCRATIC PARTICIPATION ARTICLE 103. Are mechanisms for involving the people in the exercise of its sovereignty: the vote, the plebiscite, referendum, the referendum, the open council, the legislative initiative and the recall referendum. The law and regulations. The state will contribute to the organization, promotion and training of professional associations, civic, labor, community, youth, charitable or non-governmental public utility, without prejudicing their autonomy in order to constitute democratic mechanisms of representation at different levels participation, coordination, control and surveillance of public administration to be established. ARTICLE 104. The President of the Republic, signed by all ministers and the prior approval of the Senate, people may consult the decisions of national importance. The decision of the people shall be compulsory.