Overseas Expansion

The narrator transmits an episode heroic of the history of a people, and its intention is to exaltar the qualities of the personages; therefore, when counting the adventures of Ulisses, never would place in evidence defects or perverse characteristics of the personages, showing Penlope as faithful and hidden, and Ulisses, fort and warrior. For the […]

Brazilian Time

The nationalistic romantismo Again citing in this article Antonio Cndido, according to esteo Brazilian romantismo it was initially (and it continued being in part until the end) above all nationalism. nationalism was to write on local things. It was part of the objectives of the time to value, to display, ouseja, to show the cultural […]

The Art

Soon, this reflection leads in them to look at literature not as mirror of the society, but as a half transmitter of information, whose social function is to facilitate to the man the understanding of these conflicts in its plurality and diversity, and thus to emancipate itself of the dogmas that the society imposes to […]