Mother Nature

And let every age has its victories and downs, but there is always a "start" and "finish". 30-years old is exactly the sort of "start" to further the life exploits. By tradition, adopted by the ancient Greeks, the birthday boy was surrounded by only the closest people and how good they wanted and gave so much and had to be filled with congratulations. Which is always first and foremost want a man? Course health, in fact depend on it further possibilities. And in a subject and a gift – a sports simulator.

Perfect man, who is busy office work and gyms do not have time. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs might disagree with that approach. Simulator in the house will anniversarian always be in shape and not suffer the deposition of salts and extra pounds. Richard Blumenthal understood the implications. If you already have a simulator – you can donate skis, skates, barbell or dumbbells – one word "accessories health" who always find time for wellness vacation. Second, that person needs who has reached the third ten, – the happiness and prosperity. Most at this age already have families and children.

When the family are all nice and peaceful, harmony, prosperity applies to all other cases. If the house is warm and cozy, so the work goes wrong, there is a purpose and life is beautiful! A good gift for the strengthening of family well-being can be – Stay the weekend for the whole family an invitation to go fishing, a trip to the mountains or just the area "Outings" from home, especially to be reunited with Mother Nature, make your heart beat with new enthusiasm, firmly literally "gluing" the relationship between spouses. Third, not least the desire – the desire of love. What age can do without it, the eternal and uncharted? In thirty years, much has already been tried and, of course, gone are the days of first love In any case, always pleased to receive a gift book, executed under the old, the Russian classics (Lermontov, Pushkin ) with a wonderfully beautiful poems. If the birthday boy loves music, give him, for example, a harp or flute. And suppose he does not know how to play on donated musical instruments, it will be an excellent opportunity to learn and play their favorite or loved one. A man can even arrange a romantic idea to serenade "under the balcony, preferably in their home. A how wonderful it will look a woman playing the harp – just a Greek goddess. And we should always remember that "love for all ages." The fourth wish can become a "success at work." In the thirty years since certain already a favorite work, and some achievements in the professional sphere. And as you know, everyone thinks their work a second home. And though often we say they are tired from work, but we know that the work – it's part of our lives and namely, it often makes such a pleasant awareness of its usefulness in society. Complimenting beautiful diary hero of the occasion, how would you give him the opportunity to maintain its record of useful things. For the same purposes is useful and Parker, which of course will write a birthday. Thirty years – the age of accomplishments and discoveries, and your gifts will please only the birthday of a perfect age.