Online Surveys

Surveys pay online, win money filling out surveys, lists of paid surveys and a long etcetera. Most likely, you’ve seen ads like these throughout the network. But go to the point: you can really make money with paid surveys or is it one scam? In my experience, the answer is no. At least, not much money as they want to make us believe. Is it true that there are companies that do they want us to participate in online surveys because they need our opinion to improve their products? Some do, but the sad truth is this: many of these companies are actually 1 single person. Since then, placed in its pages the logos of large companies such as Adidas, Coca Cola, McDonalds, Burger King and others to imply that they are backed by them.

A thing that is not really true. On the other hand, if you already bought one of those lists of paid surveys that sell out there, insurance already you gave note that you can only access to answer surveys only if you fit in a particular profile. This is quite frustrating for most people since they can only ask mothers who have daughters under the age of 20 and who reside in the U.S., or but men who possess Toyota brand cars and live in France, etc. If you do not fit in the profiles that ask, then these out. Some people say that to make good money with surveys you pay, you have to do is sign up for many of those pages. Clear, you can sign up for many of them, the problem is that rarely send you surveys that you fill out and so be able to earn money. Propaganda which is normally done is that you will earn approximately $4000 monthly answering paid surveys.

But the reality is that they pay you less than $5 for each survey that you sent. In fact, don’t even pay them you, since it is very rare that they end up sending you the check that you receive payment. Something to mention here is that many of these companies are not even willing to pay with money, but with points that you’re accumulating them so that at the end you can redeem them with awards, which in the end neither It happens. My advice is that you do not fall into scams about paid surveys. I’ve bought almost all lists that are on the market and none has given me result to have more information which is the raw reality of all this, I suggest that you visit my blog about paid surveys. Original author and source of the article