Residential Real Estate

How did we make a decision about renting residential property (rent a flat or a room in a communal apartment)? Many of us are familiar with the desire to sooner or later the better, of course, too early to buy their own property – area, where there is warmth and harmony, where all his and relatives, where are you own boss. Pastoral picture of living in your own room / apartment / house (underline) represent a majority of Russians, whose notorious "Housing Problem" is yet to be resolved. What are the prospects? Become a property owner is difficult, it is no secret. It's one thing if there's something of a start: the empty apartment in the N, which can be painlessly implement and invest in buying new properties, and can be house in the village, converted in the inheritance from your grandmother, and maybe in a timely manner pending sufficient funds for investment in apartments to be built, or to become a party to the mortgage program. But such opportunities are not at all, most of the residents of our Motherland no choice, the market dictates the rules.

So, you want to live in a separate apartment, is an independent adult with his own earnings, but still do not have a chance to pay the down payment or get a mortgage? There is a way – rent property for rent! Not hurry to give up, weigh the possible pros and cons and take an informed decision. Argument number one: "Why pay money every month to the landlord if I can again put out each month on your mortgage loan at the bank and to live with this in your own apartment? . Counterargument: the sum of the monthly payment on the mortgage without a substantial down payment greatly exceeds the rental rate for objects with approximately equal performance and extend over long time. In addition, the landlord – a man like you, and if necessary, most likely, will meet and be understanding. On the other hand, the banking system implies that the minimum number of compromises. Argument number two: "Rental Property (apartments or rooms) – it is certainly good, but very expensive, besides their homes there is no substitute." The counter argument: As we have said, the monthly payment amount rental properties much lower than, say, pay the mortgage. Moreover, in recent years many governments have talked about the need to promote the rental of residential real estate as an alternative program to ensure public property and, therefore, need to monitor the condition of rental rates.

In the West, for example, about one-third of Americans live happily in rental housing and to acquire property only in the pension age. Indeed, to find a country where everyone – property owners, it is hardly possible. Even in the most developed countries, for many people to rent an apartment – standard. Residential real estate, whether apartment or room – the best compromise for those who want to start an independent life in a separate apartment, for those who want to live today, for those who look to the future, without forgetting about today.