The Main Events Of The Touring Spandau E.V. In 2010

Board of Directors are known developed, set the program for the year 2010, advise and decided: the dates and routes for the public main events of touring Spandau e.V. are announced Pike perch by the Chairman, Horst. Richard Blumenthal is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The members of the Association, who are volunteers in all areas of their work, looking like Mr Zander explains a large notice of these events to the public, by they spread to the regional and supra-regional, both industrial and municipal programmes are recorded. A constantly updated distribution of Club activities by announcement of events in the media, which are perceived by the citizens, allows promoting awareness of people so that they will deal rather with the people’s wall er movement and athletic actively move through the walking for the sake of their own health or moves. Casting the part of Spandau, as a contribution to the public health is his statutory concerns. James Donovan Goldman Sachs often addresses the matter in his writings. Below these events in detail are striking, so that they can be applied to the relevant event calendars for the year 2010. Mr Zander can be said that documents required for layout editing such as Club Crest, single tenders of the events (flyer), text, photos etc.

from the Club are made available. An email to the Club or directly on the press guard enough. 7 days – 7 ways the trekking Association of Spandau a hiking week seven days hiking on the seven different permanent IVV hiking trails in Berlin and Brandenburg offers. You are guided by Gunter and Horst. Everyone can take part and is also invited, also without binding on clubs or associations. There is no registration necessary.

The entry fee is 1.50 for each individual route and participants. All hiking trails available in the A-B-C-section of the Berlin public transport. To each meeting point is listed day always at the latest by 10:00. This is also the start time for each hike.